Carson's Brewery

Brew Crew

Jason Carson

Jason Carson - Owner

This guy loves empty barrels so much, he collects them in his sleep. Oh yeah, he also runs the show around here.

John Mills

John Mills - Head Brewer

When he’s not indulging himself, he is our mad scientist behind all the beer.


Katie Southard - Operations Manager

Tami Bottoms

Tami Bottoms - Tap Room Supervisor

That’s right, we even named a ginger beer after her. She’s our beer tender, therapist, psychologist; whatever you need her to be while sitting at our bar.


Max King - Assistant Brewer

Geologist by trade, assistant brewer by choice.


Phillip Johnson - Assistant Brewer

He’s bald, has a chemistry degree, and bad intentions. Luckily his bad intentions include making damn good beer!


Dawn Miller - Business Manager


Chuck Kidwell - Indianapolis Sales